LindenCircle is an online student success platform that connects students with their faculty, advisors, Lion Life Coach, and helpful campus services.

LindenCircle - Success Network GraphicLindenCircle connects, engages, and helps our student succeed by….

  • Providing easy access through one system to connect.
  • Allows faculty and staff to submit alerts when there are concerns about a student’s academic performance.
  • Enables faculty and staff the ability to send quick and positive kudos.
  • Gives students a quick view of their Success Network and available services with the ability to schedule appointments.

For additional information about campus resources for students, please connect with the Office of Student and Academic Support Services at


2020-2021 Academic Year

LindenCircle proved to be a successful alert system, especially during Covid-19 when student concerns were higher than normal. Lindenwood’s student-centered faculty and staff sent student early alert flags, positive messages, athletic travel notifications, and referrals by individual submissions and through progress surveys. For the 2020-2021 academic year, there were 12,472 flags (areas of concern) submitted by 524 faculty members (undergraduate and graduate) for 3,949 students. In total, there were 52,541 raised items in LindenCircle for the academic year.

Top Five:  Most Raised Tracking Items
Name # Raised Category Automatic
Keep Up the Good Work 18811 ACADEMIC No
Withdrawal Deadline Reminder 9480 ACADEMIC No
Missing/Late Assignments 4082 ACADEMIC No
Register Early - Incentive 3479 ACADEMIC No
Attendance Concern 1552 ACADEMIC No

Your participation in LindenCircle shows how important it is to offer assistance and attention to our students in every way, especially to encourage a job well done!

Spring Semester Progress Surveys

Midterm Progress Surveys will be deployed through times during the Spring 2022 semester (February 2-SpSem22-1stHlf, March 3 –SpSem22-Full, and April 6-SpSem22-2ndHlf). Tracking items selected from the Midterm Progress Survey will prompt a generic message to students. Students have the option to reply to the message that will be sent to the faculty member.

Additional faculty and student resources for LindenCircle are located within the “Resources” section below.

Q2 - Every Student Counts

Q2 - Every Student CountsDr. Kathryn Arnone, assistant professor of curriculum and instruction in COEHS is using LindenCircle by submitting Kudos for a job well done in class. Her affirmation of this student’s accomplishments surely helped the student achieve success in this course.

Kudos Comment
Keep Up the Good Work
9/15/2021 Dr. Kathryn Arnone


Hi. I just wanted to send you a little note and let you know that you are doing a fantastic job in class. I am so glad you are finding strategies that help you study and I am hopeful you find you are successful when using them. You have some GREAT ideas that you share in your work and it is always a pleasure to read through what you have submitted. Please keep up the good work and if there is anything you ever need, please reach out. Best-Dr. A.

Way to go Dr. Arnone!


*Additional resources for faculty and staff are in the Lindenwood Faculty and Staff Canvas shells.

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